Sunday, June 10, 2018

To Johnny From Rose - September 18, 1918


Dear Johnny,
          How are you by this time?  I have the headache this morning. Coreta has a bad sore throat had to go to the Dr.  I took Floyd to the Dr. last night.  He has been having a sore throat and bowel trouble.  The Dr. said it was an epidemic going around.  He said he never saw so much of it. But we are able to eat three times a day.  Mary & Floyd are over at the church.  Coreta just came home.  Our kids are hauled to Sparta school.  Couldn't get a teacher so they hired Mr. Eroz to haul them to Sparta.
           Mamma came over with the children Fri.  evening stayed until Sat. eve.  We took her home last night.  I didn't go to the house for dada had gone to bed.  Jimmie Huntsman is a papa, but I don't suppose Mamma told you all the news. 
            Well we have the silo filled.  I don't remember if I told you or not.  Got our piece of wheat sowed, that over there at Harley's got some corn cut.  We got 38 cents a doz for eggs, 40 cents a lb for butter, but potatoes are three dollars a bushel, sweet ones are 8 cents a lb.  Johnny, I cant remember what I write from one time to the next.  Did I tell you Willie's sister Hattie & Husband, Jacks's sister and their children and Sylvia & Rob was all here last Sunday for dinner?  Looked about like thrashers.  On Saturday before we had 14 men for dinner beside Mr. Van Sickles family and we had over the silo fillers.  Next will be clover hullers and corn shredders.  Maybe that will be all.
             Harley wants us to stay next year but it is hard telling what will happen before our year is out.  Myrtle Wells went to Mt. Vernon yesterday and bought herself a piano.  I expect we will have lots of music now - don't you?  Myrtle's beau had to go to Camp Sherman.  She seemed to feel pretty bad.
              Johnny, there is four of Halls children Taylors two are here so you can imagine how it sounds around here.  Mr. VanSickle and part of the family attend the State Fair.  He is talking of taking us to the Mt. Gilead fair. It commences the 23rd to the 27th.  I think that is the date.  Robs want us to go with them to Coshocton Fair. I don't know if we will go or not.
               Well I can't think of any more so will close.  With love to my brother.  Write if you can. From your sister. Rose.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Bloomfield Ohio Sept. 2.1918

Bloomfield O
                           Dear brother:-
            How are you by this time.  We are all able to be around as dada use to say. Well this is the third letter I have written to you since I received your card so I will expect to hear from you some of these days.  How do you like the new home or country.  I expect you see some pretty girls.  They always claim the French girls are handsome.  School began yesterday over at Sparta.  Hasn't commenced here haven't any teacher.  They are talking of hauling them to Sparta.
            Did you know a man by the name of Blaine Page?  He was killed by the cars today.  He was in an auto.  Floyd talks so much about you.  He has been real well for him this summer.  Had a spell with his stomach and bowels, but is better now.  Ennice is down to Jay Bells today.  Mary & Floyd are over at Taylors.  Coreta is at school.  Willie is out at the farm.
             Did you get sick on the water?  The thought of the water is enough for me.  All of the men from 18 to 45 or 60  has to register the 12 of this month.  Aunt Flora sent Mamma the prettiest service flag.  She said you didn't think enough of your only aunt to send her a card.  I suppose Mamma told you.  Dada & Mamma are over to Mt. Liberty this wk.  Coreta was at Mt. Liberty nearly a wk.  Luella brought her home and stayed for dinner.  Truex's have their home up for sale.  I don't know where they want to go.  John Reid said their place was for sale.  Mamma, the children and I all went down to Anna Reeds for dinner last Thursday.  Had a fine chicken dinner.
              Willie just came in said we had a fresh cow out here.  I ask him what we would have for supper said we could have new milk.  I am glad I don't like milk. ha,ha  Harleys are all well as common.  Mrs. Van Sickle has been real poorly, but is better now.  What do you suppose rubber boots are worth now days?  Willie and Ennice each got them a pair.  Had to pay $5.50 a piece.  I got a new skirt cost $6.50.  
                Well I can't think of any more so I will close.  Hoping to hear from you.
                                                                                             Your Sister,
                                                                                                  love to Johnny.
May God bless you and bring you safe home again.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

From Rose - Aug 20, 1918

Aug 20, 1918
        "     21,        
                To my dear brother,

        How are you by this time?  I do hope you keep well.  And how are you getting along?  It seems so long since you wrote to me but such is life. This is the second letter I have wrote to you but I suppose you haven't received the other one yet. Well I suppose they are going to make more enlist all now between 18-45 so that will catch lots more of our boys and husbands.
       Well Johnny, I went to the farmer's picnic in the afternoon.  Was a very large crowd not many young men. Two soldier boys - one was a Umstead from Marengo.  The Centerburg band played they played that piece called "Over There".  I suppose you have heard that.  Umstead sang it while hey played it.  It was certainly beautiful. Saw so may people I knew.  I was talking to Minnie Hulse says she heard from Clyde right along.  He got 9 letters from home all at once.  I'll bet he was busy for awhile don't you?
       Abbott Bird died real sudden yesterday the 19th - either heart trouble or acute indigestion.  Rob and Sylvia sat up there with the dead last night.  Rob owns a Ford now - last yr model.  I don't know what he paid for it.  We are well as common. Floyd is so tanned you wouldn't know him.  Mary has hives so bad, alright other ways.  Coreta is visiting over at Mt. Liberty.  Went last Saturday eve.  Ennice is helping Jay Bell. Willie has been hauling manure.
       Our folks are well as common.They walked down to Anna Reed's yesterday.  Walked over here last Saturday.  Mr. VanSickle isn't very well - complains quite a bit.  Ober Bishop is papa again - another boy.  Named him Alonzo.  How is that for Obers?  Uncle Henry and Clarence went down to see Ray said he was looking good.  He said they was lucky to find him.  Way they talked he was going to leave there.  We are having quite a rain just now.  First for a long time.  It looks good.  Well if I could talk to you I could say lots more.  Well good-bye
                                                                                       From your sister, Rose

Johnny, it is always on my mnd.  God will take care of you.  Write when you can.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

July 21,1918

July 21 - 1918
                    My dear Brother
          I received your letter a few days ago - found us all still able to eat.  I was at church this fore-noon - saw Mary Easterday.  She said when they passed our house on over home, Willie was there today.  I haven't been there for a good while.  I wanted to go this week, but Coreta wants to go back to Mrs. Pierce's.  So I don't know when I can go. Our Sunday school had a picnic at Layon's Lake yesterday. We had a nice time.  Even Floyd was out a boat riding.  So was Coreta, Mary and Ennice.  
          Well, Johnny, if you was up around here now you could have lots of girls.  Most all of the young men are gone.  Carl Mitchel has to go on Monday - so does John Harper. Well I hope you don't have to go over the ocean. But if it has to be, trust in Jesus and all will be well. For he is the best friend we have.
          Mamma and Dada came over last week. Mamma stayed awhile.  She was here when I received your letter. Johnny, I sent to Sears Roebuck for me a coat in blue corduroy. I hope you will be here to see me wear it.  Doesn't it seem strange that you pass all examinations when you always had such poor health, but we should all be thankful that you have good health. 
          Children are well.  Floyd was proud of his card as well as the rest of us.  We haven't thrashed yet.  Don't know how soon we will. We want to go down home to Willie's folks next Sunday.  Huckleberries are ripe. Hattie said in her letter there was quite a few.  I heard Edyth received two letters from you in one day.  Lena, Ora and Clarence were here this afternoon.  They told me they had been writing to you too.  I am glad others write to you for I don't know any kind of news that would interest you.  Well I will close so
                    good-bye from your sister Rose to her soldier Bro. John.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

From Coreta - July 7, 1918

Centerburg, Ohio
July 7, 1918

Dear Uncle,

          I just go home from Sunday School and it is a little rainy - just enough to make it dreary. I got my new pen and it is a dandy.I went to the store to get some fountain pen ink for it, but they didn't have any so I have to write with an old pen. I don't care very much for Ora any more.  A week ago today him and Clyde throwed a live owl on me.  I like my place out at Pierce's.  Maybe I will stay there and go to school.  Friday night I was down at corners.  The preacher wanted me to co come to Bloomfield with him.  Today is Jim Huggins funeral.  Yes, Jake got hit with a bottle over the forhead and it was full too. It broke. I guess his head is pretty hard.
           That was some initial quite sweet. I would like to know where you heard them. I bet that is what you put in Edith's letter. Well I guess I will have to go to dinner now. Floyd and I are here alone.  The rest have gone to the funeral.  I have a new pair of shoes and Mrs. Pierce gave me a nice pair too. My this is some writing.I wish I could write with my fountain pen. It was certainly hot here the fourth of July, but is somewhat cool today.  Well I guess this is all.

                                                                       Coreta Geiger

                                     answer to to the last one with a looking glass
eyB eyB, raeD, redisnoC fleSruoY ehT gnilraD fO yM traeH

Tuesday, October 03, 2017


Bloomfield, O.
                    Dear Bro:-       
                                          Received your card this morning was glad to hear from you.  It doesn't seem possible that you are so far away.  Ray is down in Ga.  He didn't want to go so far South. He said it isn't what w want but what we get in this life. No Johnny, I am not any better but still eat like a pig.  Stella called up Mamma this morning said they sent Arthur H. back home.  Can't do anything for his eyes.  He has to buy his own glasses.  he ones he had he can't use them.  He has to send back his uniform but I suppose he will be willing to do that.  Mamma said her dada was feeling real poorly this morning.  Coreta is home now. We had a big washing for the preacher this wk.  Carrie Corwin-Mary Gardner run off to Kentucky and got married.  
                                      Mrs. Truex said Raymond wrote you a letter.  He has been wondering why you don't answer.  I don't know if you received my last letter or not. I wrote you one and mailed it on the 17th. Got your card the 18th.  Have you had any mailed to you fromKy.  Ennice mailed you a card same day we got yours.  Floyd has gone to bed.  You wouldn't know him he is so sunburnt.  Mary is well wondered if you got your chewing gum she sent you.  Did Mamma tell you that Rob Snow sold his farm?  Melvin Gigler bought it.  They don't know where they will go.  Sylvia said they haven't heard from Carl Snow for 2 mon. Don't know where he is.  Stumps haven't heard from Homer since Mar.  
                                     Did you beller and paw when you saw so many girls like you use to when you were up around here.  Saw your sister Mrs. Gray had quite a talk with her.  Said both girls had gone back to work. I suppose they have told you Madge Pearl is married.  Well I guess this is enough for I am tired and I know you are. So good night my soldier brother and Gof bless you and keep you safe.
                                    Write when you can XXX
Willie is working down in the garden.  I hadn't mentioned him.

Centerburg, Ohio
June 25,1918
Dear Uncle,
                           I received your card and was sure glad to hear from you.  Ennice was just a yelling at Olive to give hima pece of candy, but Ennice got "stung."  Mr. Vansickle told papa that Ennice was stuck to Olive when papa wanted him.  He was as in playhouse with her.  Willie Sears and Mrs.Cero were having a fight with their mouth tonight over a watch Mrs. Taylor found.  
                           Raymond, Jim Wilcox, George Barr -  and I don't know how many more - went with Raymond in his machine to Utica and all came home drunk.  Jake Wilcox has a bandage on his head yet. They threw bottles every way. I guess Raymond couldn't run his machine home. He just went past going to Centerburg.  I guess he was in his buggy. I was at Clarence's last week and went to Liberty twice.  Once with Shirmp girls and once with Clarence to take Uncle Willie home. We went to Mt. Vernon Friday. Aunt Luella got her teeth pulled. Saturday night we cam home about half past nine. Ora was here and stayed till eleven o'clock. I wrote a letter to Louis Monday. I guess you can't read this. Ennice and mamma have been talking and teasing me. I guess mamma and the rest of them are going to get me a fountain pen for my birthday. It costs $1.50 with a gold pen and a gold place for initials.Then I can write.
                           Ora showed me Opys picture last Sunday.  Edith and Dart sang "We're bound to get the Hauser a Wk ago at Hedding.  She or Edith talks about you nearly all the time.  She said she had two soldier boys to writ to now.
                            Well I guess that's all I don't know what BBSHG.
                                                               Good bye,


Friday, July 28, 2017


          Dear Brother, 
                         Received your dear letter was so glad to hear from you.  Was certainly a fine letter.  It's nice to hear you are feeling better.  I am still doctoring with Huggins. I have been better of that hemorrhage this last wk if it only lasts.Mamma has been with us since Tues morning until this after-noon Sun.  I will certainly miss her.  Said if she got real lonesome she would be back.   We certainly do miss you.  But such is life.  John Reed and family & Coreta came over today.  Mamma went back to Sparta with them.  Harley's horse is getting along allright.  It is still running some still quite a lump.  Harley said he would reduce it with iodine. The rest are all well as common. Willie is getting ready to do his chores so it will soon be milking time.

You got your share of duds didn't you.Anna brought Guy's last letter to read. He is still in England. Willie and I went to Sparta last evening. I saw Mr. Culver.  Said he got a card from you.  You surely do some writing.  We had strawberry shortcake for dinner.  No use to tell you what we have to eat when you have so much.  Johnny what do you think Myrtle GIlt brought me a $1.00 bill.  I was certainly surprised. Having big meetings in M.E. church at Sparta so they say.  Willie heard Irma Scott was going to clerk in Rushes Store. Sparta is full of whooping cough.  Ours haven't got it yet. How is Ray and Howard?  Tell Ray to to write to me.  Johnny did you get your stamps I sent you?  You didn't say though maybe they dropped out when you opened your letter. Did you know Chas. Catt was dead that man in Rob's place.  She is going to have a sale this week.

Well I don't know any news so I will close.  Hoping to hear from you soon or see you. How is that fussy-wussy?  HaHa.

                                     from Your sister Rose