Monday, July 10, 2017

Ray Dale Butler, veteran of WWI.  His father is Henry Butler, uncle to Rose.  His mother Sarah A. Hulse died in 1909. His step-mother is referred to in the letters as Aunt Bell

William Shephard with Rose Butler and
their son Floyd Shepherd
Anna Scarborough Reed.
She is a 1st Cousin to Rose Butler

Rella Alonzo Hatton married to Amy Estella Butler.
Stella is Rose's sister. 

Donald D. Hatton (Rella & Stella's son) with Mary Elizabeth Geiger and Coreta Mae Geiger (Rose Butler's daughters)

 I contacted Donald's son,  Don J Hatton who passed in 2016,  to share these photos.  In return, he sent me the letters I am sharing with you.  They were in an old box in his basement.

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