Monday, July 03, 2017

Old Letters 1918-1919

I am fortunate to have in my possession many old letters dating from 1918-1919. The letters were written by my Great Grandmother and her mother, Rose Butler, to Rose's brother during World War II.  I am sharing these letters as part of  our collective history. I will do my best to post these in order.  In between the letters I will locate relevant photos of names and places mentioned.  

Centerburg, Ohio
Feb. 18,1918

Dear Uncle,

     Mamma had just got a letter from you and she is going to write to you so I thought I would write also. I have the sore throat real bad. I went to the doctor. He gave me two kinds to dissolve on my tongue.  I don't know much to write. I made out a order to Sears Roebuck to get me a summer dress of changeable silk.  I was at Grandma's and stayed all night. Mamie C. came down.  While she was there your mother-in-law called up. It is getting my bed time.  Papa and Mamma have went to bed. I just got through getting my lessons. I wish you would come home pretty soon. 

Friday night at the Sparta Gym, at the Opera House there is going to be a basketball game a double header.The Marengo Grammer Room and Sparta Grammar room is going to play against the Marengo High School and Sparta High School. Last Friday night Sparta went to Fredricksburg and Frederich put us one score that wasn't much. We sure have got good players who are -  captain Homer Wilson, Merle Culiver, Hoy Weaver, Langstaff Fern Mitchel when Langstaff don't play Ansel Hulse takes his place. 

Well I am studying Latin so I will give you some. This is what Edith says to you.  The Translation will be on the back of this paper.

1. Nunquam ero miser tecum 2. Ego te amo. 3. Amasne me?

1. Never shall I be miserable with you. 2. I love you. Do you love me?

Well I will close now.  Your niece, 

OXXX many more            

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