Monday, July 03, 2017

Nine Years Later

The years have flown by haven't they?

The kids are almost adults now with my oldest studying in Paris this summer.  As they are beginning their own adventures, I'm wondering if it is time to dust myself off and pursue a few of my own.  Over the last nine years I dove into my work with a focus on taking care of the family.   I wonder if perhaps I veered off course and forgot to take care of myself along the way.

My wake up call was the M word - merger. I've known for 9 months that my company will be merging with two others.  Operations will not begin for another nine months.  I see chaos building in the coming months.  Following the rising tension there will be relief. Reminds me of the preparations each hurricane season.  There is always an exciting frenzy accompanied by a biting dread for what may come. Will this be the year that landfall will wreck havoc over my memories?  Will we relive Hugo once again? Or will the storm turn in the last moments and follow the curve of our barrier islands out to sea?

I will know soon in which direction the tides will turn for me.  I am excited about the possibilities that come with change and I look forward to the relief that comes with knowing that I will eventually settle down to another comfortable routine with Dadsy at my side.

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