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From Mary & Coreta. June 6, 1918

Centerburg, O.
June 6. 1918
Dear Uncle: -
       How are you by this time?  How is Ray & Howard?  I am just fine.  Mr. VanSickles colt soar is about all well. grandma and grandpa come over to our house the 4th and Aunt Florad & Uncle Clint& Myrtle and her two children..
       Do you have anything good to eat? Floyd went bare footed yesterday and he is crying because his feet hurts.  I will pick strawberries Friday.  John Reed and his family is coming to our house Sunday. Tell Ray to write to me if you please.  Doris Frost come over to play with me to-day.  Any more of your filling coming out of your teeth?  Why don't you get your picture and send it to us.
        Write soon.
                         Mary Geiger
                     Soldier John Butler

Fredricktown, Ohio
June 6, 1918
Hello John, 

          I received your letter today and was glad to hear from you.  I was down to Aunt Bell's today.  She said dhe got a letter from Ray yesterday. She wants me to help her a few days while there are some men boarding there  The men are going to build a bridge there by their house.   called up Alice Hood to talk to Grandma, but she and Grandpa were over to Mamma's.  Uncle Clint & Aunt Flora, Myrtle and two children were over there too.  All of Annie's and I are going over home on Sunday.  Last Sunday I stayed here they had company their names were Springers.  Mr. Springer was in the war with the Philippines.  They live now on Tom Hood's place.  Last Saturday night Annie said Kenneth Trease went past here with a gitl beside him. And a boy and a girl in behind.  Then Sunday Mildred said he went on past their house.  The girl was running Treases machine and Kenneth had his arms around the girl and there were two girls and boys in the back seat.  Have Treases wrote to you yet?  Grandma told Mamma and Mamma told me thatshe had got my grade card and I had passed to High School. A "F r e s h m a n" next year am I!   
        I guess Edith likes you pretty well doesn't she and I'll bet you like her. Mamma said someone was inquiring about me and I asked her who it was.  She said it was Ora Hall.  He asked Ennice,  I will take your advice and Mamma's and let Kenneth Conway be. I was over to Strumps on Sunday.  Helen went to work at some stylish people in Fredricktown.  I guess she gets $5 a wk. What are you doing?  Aunt Bell said Ray was washing some dishes. They got his letters Monday,
        I have been making a shortcake. I have also been parching.  That was a dandy little picture you sent me. I wish you would have your picture taken in your uniform and send it to me. I think you are having better things to eat than we are having at home.  Strawberries are .20 a qt.  Annie got a letter from Guy.  He was well. He said his (truck?) was so large you drive a ford in backend and have plenty of room to work around it. If you can read this writing you are going somewhere.  It is getting dark and I can't hardly see. I will have to close.
        Write soon.
             Good bye

B.B.U.C.Y.S.K.                                                                            S.W.A.L.X!
B.B.U.C.E.T.D.O.Y.H.                                                                 X X X X X
Make this out and send it.
P.S. Mr. Trucx was here today to buy rags..

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