Friday, July 07, 2017

Bloomfield Ohio - May 31, 1918


Dear brother, 
         Received your most welcome card today.  Our mail man did not make his trip yesterday so we didn't get any mail. I am glad you are feeling better. Some days I am better then bad again. But able to still dig. Coreta went to Anna's last Wed. morning.  Haven't heard from her since. The rest here are allright.
          Floyd said at Sun. he wished Johnny would come and cut his hair.  I don't know what made him say it for you never cut his hair.  Johnny, that fellow that worked on the pike called banty, he is over in France. Then that heavy set fellow has gone that worked with them too. Dada and Mamma are very lonesome came home with me Sun. morning stayed until Tue. morning, but dada would go home at night.
          Coreta got her card promoted to High school.  Don't that sound good.Willie started in to plowing corn this after noon. It will certainly rain for it is so very warm.  Johnny,  I got my dress and Floyd's shoes were allright only a little large.  Mary was in here talking so I made some mistakes.  I called up Stellas a little while ago.  Our folks are there.  Mamma said Dada was getting uneasy. Wants to go home to get the mail.
           Mrs. Taylor said Herman called her said he believed he would enlist for all the boys are going.  He will be 20 in June.  How is Ray and Howard.  Are they any ways near you?  I felt sorry for Ray.  He kissed me good bye. Poor boy no mother's kiss. Floyd and Mary is sending these roses to you.  The dark one is Mary's the other is Floyds.  Ennice is helping Verner Conway this after noon.  How do you like your wrist watch.
          Well I expect you are tired of this so I will close.  Hoping to hear from you soon.

                             May God bless and protect my baby bro.
Your sister

P.S. Saw in Gilead paper where 60 boys from your place goes to camp Sherman.  Maybe Johnny.  XXX

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