Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Rainy Day Drive

I was able to take off early from work to run an errand. It seems I picked quite a day to do so as it rained all afternoon.

The traffic on 17 was unusually heavy at 2pm. The cause was obvious once I saw the Sofa Super Store. The devastation from the fire was all I have heard from the new...including the National news. As NPR noted this was the greatest loss of firefighters in the US since 9/11. It was difficult not to pass by very slowly and gawk and feel the loss.

A memorial site has been created on the side of the road with flowers, wreaths and crosses in memory of the 9 firefighters who died this past Monday.

I finally made it to the site of my erand. After negotiations that were greatly prolonged by Papa Bear I was on my way home. What? I didn't tell you what the errand was??? How very rude of me!!! on.

Here is your first clue......a very clean and pristine interior.

OK, OK....I will tell you! Remember that vehicle I had that refused to start after all the love I put into her? no? Well, it happenned three weeks ago ....and today I finally settled on the perfect replacement........Isn't she beautiful? :)

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