Monday, June 25, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Rainy Day Drive

I was able to take off early from work to run an errand. It seems I picked quite a day to do so as it rained all afternoon.

The traffic on 17 was unusually heavy at 2pm. The cause was obvious once I saw the Sofa Super Store. The devastation from the fire was all I have heard from the new...including the National news. As NPR noted this was the greatest loss of firefighters in the US since 9/11. It was difficult not to pass by very slowly and gawk and feel the loss.

A memorial site has been created on the side of the road with flowers, wreaths and crosses in memory of the 9 firefighters who died this past Monday.

I finally made it to the site of my erand. After negotiations that were greatly prolonged by Papa Bear I was on my way home. What? I didn't tell you what the errand was??? How very rude of me!!! on.

Here is your first clue......a very clean and pristine interior.

OK, OK....I will tell you! Remember that vehicle I had that refused to start after all the love I put into her? no? Well, it happenned three weeks ago ....and today I finally settled on the perfect replacement........Isn't she beautiful? :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Athens on Maybank Highway

Due to some recent auto issues, my family is having to experience the just once car syndrome. Papa Bear has been chauffeuring me to and from from work. The traffic this afternoon convinced us to stop at Athens for dinner rather than deal with the bottleneck at Harbor View Road.

To entertain the kids, I whipped out my new refurbished Blackberry Pearl which is a steal with Cingular....err...or is it AT&T these days?...with a 2 year contract. While waiting for dinner....everyone tried out the new camera gadget on it. Unfortunately, I was the guinea pig.

Here is Mare Bear's photo work.

Here is Miles Child's work (with a little help from Papa Bear)

and here is what happens when you give kids free reign in a restaurant!

Now for the FOOD! I had the veal parmesan.....

Papa had the gyro platter.....

Mare Bear had the greek chicken..... and not pictured was Miles Child's pasta that he chose only to put olive oil and parmesan on...and asked for seconds. There was also greek salads, garlic bread and adult beverages.

After all is said and done....there is a big ditch...ummmm play area for kids to let off some steam before you pile them in the car car for home.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Retiring so young??

After 20 years serving in the Army, my brother has retired.

I couldn't find the Army song, so the Air Force song will have to do. After all he was attached to the JSTARS for the past 5 it should be OK.

My sister-in-law owns a dance academy and made arrangement to tie in my brother's retirement with her recitals. The theme was a salute to the she planned the retirement before choreographing the dances....that is why the backdrop so dramatic. Family and friends watched a matinee of the younger performers (ages 3-12) at 3:00 pm. At 5 pm there was a ceremony that listed by brother's biography for the 20 years he served in the army. He was presented awards, plaques & whatnot and then was released back to his wife as a civilian. He then thanked personally everyone attending and gave members of the family attending flowers or military coins. The family then formed a receiving line to greet everyone and we had cake and drinks and talked. I left with Miles at 6:30pm because he would not have lasted for the evening performance of the age 13+ dancers... and attend a late dinner. Here are some photos of the ceremony:

Memories of a Wicked Game

Chris Isaak always brings back memories of my late teens /early 20's.

Wicked Game in particular reminds me of my highschool sweetheart. We broke up the day I turned 21. One morning soon thereafter, I went to my car to find a single rose in my seat and the stereo was set to play Wicked Game the moment I turned the ignition.....