Saturday, July 07, 2007

Just Another Night at the Joe

Here is the view from the backside of the Charleston Riverdogs Stadium on taken on this very day. The kids are all geared up to see Stephen Colbert throw out the first Pitch. It is all that Baby Bear could do to stop for a photo over the Marsh...and then he was off to the Suite of our host Container Maintenance Corp. (Thank you, Vinnie!)

I did get a video of the pitch, but it is not very video as my camera prefers a closer range, but what can I do? ....and here we are with Colbert greeting, Charlie the Riverdog while Chelsea hangs out with the Pig.

Just a little way into the first inning, the heavens began raining on our parade. It is not so obvious here except the field was covered in case the rain know, to keep the field dry et al.

The game was postponed for 2 hours. Lucky for me, I was nice and dry in a suite. Luckier for me Stephen Colbert was hanging out at Buzzy Newton's Suite a few doors down. There were numerous Colbert sitings reported that had many non-suite ticket holders being sent away. Stephen Colbert did come out on the balcony to sing "Take me out to the Ball Game". Me and a few friends hung outside of Piggly Wiggly's Suite to try to get a glimpse. My coworker, Nicole, even slipped in briefly with the Phillips party to invite him down to our suite.

A little later all the suites received a sweet treat. It was Americone Dream Ice Cream. Colbert's very own flavor that was put out by Ben & Jerry's. I did stash 1 for myself, but after the game there were actually 4 left over, so I wound up with two to save for all posterity. Since it was transformers night at the Joe I also took home a Riverdog's Transformer beach towel just for Baby Bear.

Well the game did get rained out. When hope was lost, I told Papa Bear to get the tab while I visited the facilities. I had to hang outside the facilities while two ladies dilly dallied. It was just me hanging out there. Oh...while I waited, Stephen Colbert exited the suite and passed by me to leave the scene. So here is my chance to get his attention...What do I say? I say...."Blake Hallman is funnier than you are!" (Sorry, Blake...please forgive me!) He did not even glance at me. It was rather silly of me to use a friend like that, really. At least last year I managed a photo op.
I returned to the suite and unloaded my story to all who would listen. We were one of the last ones to depart as we were having a grand time with good company. The rain had finally let up, too. The kids and I were at the elevators waiting for Papa Bear to catch up when once again, Stephen Colbert makes an appearance. He returns by way of the stairwell with his bodyguard. As he passed by us, Mary called out "HI STEPHEN!" He responded by turning to her, and seeing that she was a child...his face lit up, he smiled broadly and he yelled "Hello!" back to her. Obviously, she handled herself better than I did.
All in all, I'd say it was a grand evening.

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