Friday, July 13, 2007

FSOT Registration

The race has begun. It is registration time for the first FSOT (Foreign Service Officer's Test). As seating is limited, you may want to act now. Good luck!


Genevieve said...

did you register? it took me at least 7 hours...any idea how long before we're notified if we can take it?

Lisa said...

Hi Genevieve. Yes, I did register. It probably did take me the same amount of time. I took a week to think about it and could only spare about an hour a day.

I recall that TomCat said it woud be August. I did just scour through a few pages at DOS's site and found a note that reads:

"Scheduling is limited and invitations will be sent to the first eligible examinees approximately one month after registration begins."

Are you in Boston? That is a very cool blog you have there....Good Luck to you!