Saturday, May 12, 2007

Greek Festival, May 11-13

After our little jaunt to Rosebank Farms, it was time to head out to enjoy the food and music of Charleston's annual Greek Festival.

Mary & Papa Bear. Photo courtesy of Miles.

A few of the vendors.

I wish I had thought to zoom in with this movie. I was caught off guard when Miles began dancing alone between acts. There were several times he received applause. Even though the music was Greek, he was attempting to dance an Irish Jig.

The Hellas Dance Troupe from the Greek Orthodox Troupe performed for us.

This is the first movie that Miles took. It is a dance around the May pole.

Afterwards, Mary tried out a few of the dances for herself.

This is just of Miles striking one of many poses.

The girls enjoying themselves. Photo courtesy of Miles.

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