Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rosebank Farms

Yesterday Mom & I dropped the kids off at tennis practice. We were on John's Island with 2 hours to kill, so we set off towards Kiawah & Seabrook Islands in search of Rosebank Farms. I knew about where it was, bit I had never taken the time to stop. I am so glad I did. Unlucky for you, I did not have a camera on me. I will remedy that next weekend as I want to make it a regular weekend jaunt.

Where do I start first? The one room school house from 1836 was interesting. There was also old farm equipment and cannonballs. There is a little artist shack where you can buy local artwork. There are sweet grass baskets made by a lady down the street. There are goats, pigs, a Macaw that says hello, ducks, a cow, a miniature horse and my goodness there are chickens roaming around. There was a room in the main building where three boxes were kept for the laying of the eggs. One of the boxes near the window was occupied with another hen making a heap of noise nearby. It seems she wanted to lay an egg in that particular box and was tired of waiting around. One of the roosters kept crowing...I guess no one told him that the sun had risen quite high by this time.

The produce was beautiful. The tomatoes are from's still a little early for local ones to be out yet.....but they are real tomatoes if ya know what I mean. I was wary initially and only selected two tomatoes along with cucumber, mixed salad greens & vidalia onions. Obviously, I made a salad for lunch. It was heaven! Papa Bear liked the tomato so much that he talked Mom out of one of hers.

Oh, before I forget, the flowers at Rosebank Farms are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and grown onsite. This will be a definite must buy for Mother's Day.

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