Tuesday, February 27, 2007

JI Basketball News

The City of Charleston's Youth Basketball Season ends with a STING!!!

Mary began playing basketball on a City of Charleston team since the age of six. This year her team was "The Sting" and they came in first place with a 10-0 record. Not bad considering the team only has 6 players and the league plays 3 on 3. The coaches went out of their way to make certain that skill levels and age groups were evenly divided so that everyone gets the opportunity to improve their skills.

The biggest problem in Charleston Youth Sports is getting girls interested in sports. The second biggest problem is getting parents to participate. Many of the coaches become coaches out of necessity. Most of the coaches move up and around the leagues with their children. Mary's coach handled three teams himself. How admirable considering the enormous amount of time he gives for these kids. Does he get a break now? No way! Softball combines begin tonight.

Mary finding a way to get by.....

The Generals charge through the seen Victorious!!

Miles began his basketball career at the age of five. Admittedly, he was a little to young for the sport then. Much to my chagrin, many of the other parents looked on him as comic relief. Yes, he really climbed the back wall during a game, and the other kids mimicked him and he could provoke an on court dog pile. One time a young referee carried him down the court to get him in position more quickly - after which he purposely modified his antics to get that repeated. His favorite thing was to pull his shorts up past his underwear and spin in circles until he would fall down.

Thankfully he is older and clowns around much less. He does like to be the one with the ball as opposed to the alternative.

One thing I do like about the younger leagues as that when one team scores, both teams score. This is supposed to keep the competitive spirit down so the kids can have fun while they learn the game. Secretly, though, all the kids are keeping score over who made which baskets.

As soon as it comes down, that ball is mine!

Did someone say a trophy party?!

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