Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Somewhere in Shandong, Shanghai, China

If you are a blogger and do not use a Stat Counter....stop reading and go get one. The one I use is free and you can even color coordinate it with your site. As those of you "in the know" know, there are some very interesting things that can be found perusing your Stat Counter. I think the most interesting that has happened to mine occurred about a month ago. A computer from Egypt found the advertisement that I posted for World Peace Day and translated my page into Arabic. It was VERY cool.

Yesterday, someone from Shanghai queried "Stephen Colbert bed liberty picture". I was able to see the results of this Google query. ALL all of my May postings were in the #1 of 113,ooo slot for this query. Of course, the words were picked up at random from a variety of articles, but I'm left wondering about the who, what and why of this query. I mean I watch Colbert as much as the next guy, but I do have my limits.

Now that we are on the topic of Colbert, I do need to point out that an old friend of mine who I've known since my college days...and he does not hold that against me as I, too, can tell stories....was mentioned recently on the Colbert Report. The friend is Charleston's own Blake Hallman who is the spokesman for the Morris Island Coalition and a board member with the SC Battleground Preservation Trust. On the show Blake was mentioned on the short list (of 1) that Stephen Colbert recalled from fourth grade as a Pinochet supporter. When I quizzed Blake for details, I realized immediately that I could never publicly repeat those sordid details. The jist of it, though, is that Colbert has NEVER forgiven Blake for being funnier than he.

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