Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sunset at Sunrise Park

This past weekend I took the family to Sunrise Park on James Island in an attempt to take our first ever family photo. Where else can you enjoy stunning views of the Charleston Harbor that include Downtown, Sullivan's Island and our new bridge all at once?

The biggest challenge was negotiating the wind, the gnats, the setting sun in our eyes and the Sallydog. As you can see, Sally preferred to look at us instead of the camera. Milezaball insisted on wearing a tie for the photos. He walked around with it on for awhile and then told me that he kinda felt like a man in the tie.

Papa Bear only LOOKS like he is telling me to get this over with. He is actually posing himself next to the Sullivan's Island lighthouse. It's that tiny speck on his right. Oh stop blinking...you will miss it!

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joan said...

Nice. The doggie action adds to the picture :) Happy Thanksgiving!