Thursday, August 31, 2006

TS Ernesto

Good morning! It began raining in the lowcountry about an hour ago. It's 0245. I'm very sleepy, but woke up a bit agitated (maybe restless is a better word....I feel both) and could not go back to sleep. With my mind on Ernesto, I got up to check the latest reports at Ernesto is up to 40 mph and is he expected to be upgraded to a Tropical Storm in the next few hours. Papa Bear does not like for me to refer to storms with pronoun genders. By golly if we are going to name them, I am going to refer to them as him and her. Here is his latest image:

Currently, in the lowcountry, there is a steady rain with wind speed of 8mph ESE. Barometer is 29.82 in and falling.

I always become restless before a storm. I feel an internal tension building as it moves closer and a release as it looms overhead and passes. Hugo, as an example, kept me from going to sleep well after my bedtime. Once the eye passed over, I went right to sleep lulled by the sound of the wind screaming by like a freight train. It was probably not the best time to go to sleep.

I have always attributed this tension to the barometric pressure without ever having actually monitored said pressure. I may note it this time just to see if there really is any correlation.

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