Thursday, August 31, 2006

Spider of the Storm

I was sent home from work at 1030 this morning - just in case Ernesto reared his ugly head. Luckily he veered North of us. I noted at one point there were steady winds of 16 mph with occasional stonger gusts. Most of the activity on the Island occurred between 1200-1500.

One thing with getting home early for Ernesto, I learned of a new pet on our back porch. It seems a banana spider moved in when I wasn't looking.

Mary informed me that there were two males with her earlier in the week, but Miss Spider killed them as all women generally must do in the spider kingdom. Mary told me this with a humorous glint in her eyes and then she added that this was a great development for women everywhere.

Both of my kids were worried that Miss Spider's web would be ruined during the storm. It did take quite a whipping as webs go, but it proved to be quite sturdy. Posted by Picasa

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