Tuesday, August 22, 2006

JI Creek Commentary

The pictures below are of a small creek near my house. There are a few things missing in these photos. The first are all the cars by Mimi's. I took the photos about 11ish on a Saturday before the traffic jam at Mimi's began. Normally, there is beaucoup de creative parking and both sides of Harborview Road are annexed as a parking lot. Along the JI Creek bridge you will often see fishermen - especially during a light rain. I suppose it was just too hot and too near midday to fish....or maybe it was because the tide was out.

Had it been high tide, you would have noticed it as only the tips of the marsh would appear peaking out of the water. During a lunar high tide, it seems as though the rivers and creeks are lazy and full as they spill over the land. If you didn't know any better, you might even be tempted to run among the cord grass when the tide is out. The pluff mud would surely stop you in your tracks and maybe even claim your shoes as a prize. It would leave you reeking of a smell similar to fresh dug Bull's Bay oysters that still need a good washing.

On the fourth of July and during the grand opening of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge, cars were parked all along Harbor View Road which, as the name implies, gives you a grand view of the harbor and a distant view of fireworks that are set off over the Charleston peninsula.

Papa Bear likes these pictures because they are obviously a sign of August in Charleston - skies full of big puffy white clouds that will turn into a mixture of beautiful pink and orange hues as the sun sets over the harbor.

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