Monday, August 28, 2006

Bird on a Wire

I pass birds most everyday on this same section of telephone wire. Sometimes they are hanging out in the morning and sometimes I see them in the evening. This day it was almost noon on a Saturday. It makes me think birds may be more social than butterflies. What I wonder most about in this image is why one bird and only one bird is on a line alone. Is there a purpose in the bird community for this? Roles I've pondered include the lookout, the leader, the loner, the jilted lover, the wise elder, and the unsure introvert.

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Mike said...

What a great photo! I think that's me on the bottom wire.

Dave Moulton said...

When big words come through the telephone line it hurts the bird’s feet. The lone bird has only just landed; when the next big word comes through he will move.