Friday, July 14, 2006

Blog Party 2

This is Mary. Mary is a budding young lawyer, geologist, anthropologist, blogger and now..... photographer. Mary accompanied me to the Lowcountry Blogosphere's Blog Party #2 which was nesteled in an intimate room at the Sunfire Grill & Bistro.

Mary had a vision on how to best capture our group, so I turned my Powershot S30 camera over to her for the evening.

Her first idea was to capture us in the act of sitting down, mingling, cocktailing and breaking bread.

When several of our group stood up to bring out their camera's (surely you didn't doubt that a blog party would be without cameras!), Mary decided she needed to get us organized at once. She insisted that a group photo needed to be taken and she was the one to take that photo.

So here we are. There's Chuck, Jason, April, Jared, Heather, Vera, Mike, Me, JanetLee, Joan, and Jason...Jason? Where did Jason go? Hmmm, I think I see an outline of him behind Mike!

Silly, Jason! Yes, Mary understands that you prefer to be BEHIND the camera....but that only makes her more determined to get your photo. She may have something up her sleeve for you later.

Here are two genteel photographers having their photo taken by the paparazzi.

This is Vera demonstrating how she can knit with four needles without looking....Yikes!!!! I have issues just using one with both of my eyes glued to it! That's quite crafty of you, Vera. ;)

Ah, Windviel...there you are! And where, pray tell, is Mustang Rolling?

No worries, she (is Mustang Rolling a she?) is parked over there....hop in!

Psyche! It was just Mustang Rolling's "Mini Me" as modeled by our server Jeannie. Mustang Rolling only cruises the Lowcountry on the weekends doncha know.
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Jason said...

Hey now - that squinty "gray haired" guy (as Mary referred to him) needs to be photoshopped out of all those shots immediately. Great party though, it was a lot of fun. Tell Mary conversing with her was a trip and that I really enjoyed just "pushing" those buttons of hers. (Can you tell I love being an uncle?)

Great shots though, and it was definitely a fun time. Can't wait for the next one!

Joan said...

It was`a treat to meet Mary! I'm not sure we can have a get together without her now.

Great photo documentary!

April said...

Fantastic pictures!


Heather said...

So much fun! Thanks for putting together the entry, Lisa. Thank Mary for the pictures. I bet she'll have fun on the yearbook committee when she gets to Jr High or Highschool.

Oh, my stepdaughter Mikala is Mary's age(ish).

Heather said...

Way to abandon all rules of punctuation, Heather.

Joan said...

Good grief! She is Lizzy? Where did we all get Mary from? Sheesh. I am sorry. Would she be interesteed in changing her name now that we have all renamed her?

Lisa said...

Ha! No, didn't rename her..I did. She is Miss Mary Elizabeth and she does not like for me to call her Lizzy;)