Thursday, June 15, 2006


Just a brief, pictureless post today. I'm in DC. I received an ICO (Immediate Conditional Offer) for the GSO (General Services Officer) position. This pretty much means that I'm now on the hiring register for two specialist positions.

The reason this post is pictureless, is because I seem to have lost the powercord to my laptop. It was there when I went through airport security in Charleston, but there was no sign of it by the time I reached my hotel. I have spent much time either walking or riding the metro here in DC. I now have this sensation that I am on a constant escalator - rather bizarre.

Well, gotta run. I'll post a few pictures when I return.

1 comment:

Gaëna said...

I will be waiting for the pictures, then... ;) You know, I enjoy very much discovering your part of the world with your eyes, Lisa... Thank you... ;)
Have a nice trip...