Thursday, June 29, 2006

Playing in the Dirt

I have been spending time trying to create a sub-tropical garden. I think I have a few more flowers to add before I can actually call it a flower garden. Not too bad considering that when I began earlier this month there were only two sago palms here. I know my neighbors are elated that I've finally taken an interest in the yard. I've always had an interest in gardening, but I have had a difficult time finding the time to do it. At the moment I have no excuses - so I set to work.

This is Sally dog. She is a good girl and decided she needed to oversee the gardening project. What interested her most was the digging of the dirt. She wondered why her human was digging in the dirt. It was plain to see that there was no fence in the way and after careful inspection it was also obvious that no bones were buried.

Papa Bear assured Sally dog that everything was alright. If Mama Bear wanted to play in the dirt while enjoying a sudsy cocktail, then everything was OK in our little world.

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Vera said...

Beautiful garden. It looks nice and tropical.

Gaëna said...

Your garden is very well cultivated and I am very pleased to meet miss Sally.... ;)