Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fast and French

Let's has been exactly 14 years since I have taken a French class. With very few opportunities to practice French in Charleston, I have become quite rusty. My co-workers encouraged me by giving me Mastering French as a graduation present when I completed my MBA coursework last August. My biggest problem is that I only listen to the audio tapes when I am in the car. I know I need to be following along with the book to get the most benefit, but I just have not made the time to do this. I'm certain it is because it's too clinical and I want fun.

So, I have come up with a plan to rejuvenate the idea of relearning French in my mind.
-I will go to more French restaurants.
-I will read books written in French aloud.
-I will teach my children French basics.
-I will be a francophile where wine is concerned.
-I will read French blogs

If any reader has a suggestion to add to my list that may work, please feel free to suggest.

Now that I have outlined my intent, I can tell you what strides I have made today on the French front. I have randomly chosen a number of French blogs to peruse. The idea of reading French blogs does interest me. I am looking for a resource that is not as clinical as language books tend to be. Clinical is boring. Real people, real lives, real that does stir me. Hopefully, I will eventually understand all the unknown nuances that I am reading.

Next I took Mom and daughter to Gaulart & Maliclet for lunch.

Charlestonians generally prefer to call this great little cafe G&M or Fast and French - that way there is no embarrassing mispronunciation.

My daughter, who turned ten this weekend (notice the I'm in the two digits glow about her), ordered the Croq' Monsieur with an Orangina. The problem with this order is that she ordered it sans Dijon, sans le sans le jambon. I did point out that a turkey sandwich was listed on the menu. She rationalized that then she would not have gotten her sandwich toasted.

Mom and I opted for the lunch special. It was chicken (and sausage) pasta salad with cantaloupe, bread and house wine. It was just lovely.

For our next course, we each sampled a different desert. Here we have pictured carrot cake with cassis sorbet, chocolate mousse and bourbon cake. Miss ten-year-old didn't care for the sorbet, so Mom and I split it. Yummmmmy. The cassis sorbet is a treat by itself. I don't think I need to mention the coffee. It is always heavenly.

After lunch, the three of us took a short walk. I didn't intend for it to be short, but the ten-year-old with us was antsy to get on with her day. Along Tradd Street we walked by this quant dependency.

We turned onto Legare Street where I saw this beautiful dream house in its entire Patina-esque splendor.

Our short walk ended after I stopped by 22 Logan to reminisce. This is where Papa Bear lived when I met him. It was directly above Schwetmann's (sp?) Lakeside Pharmacy on Broad Street.

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Gaëna said...

Quelle bonne idée! Et quel plaisir de découvrir un autre sens profond au mot «blogue»... Bonne étude, chère madame... I hope you will enjoy the subtleties of the French language...
Have a nice day...