Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Anticipation is makin' me wait......

I have been rather pre-occupied of late. I have a GSO Assessment mid-June. The odds are slim – even if I do pass – that I will be offered a training class this year. With this in mind, I intend to accept the next OMS invitation that is extended. I am about 80% positive that this means I will be moving temporarily to Arlington, VA within the next four months. By temporarily I mean 7 weeks minimum and possibly longer if language training is required. I will have no idea where my final destination in the world is until 3 weeks after training begins. This is no small matter considering I am forcing this move on a family of four. Relocation factors under consideration involve hotel vs. corporate housing, distance from the Foreign Service Institute, distance from the metro, bike trails, public parks, the elementary school, shopping centers, cost of parking, commuting logistics, and creating a memorable experience for my family that hopefully includes a view. In my current state of mind, a hotel suite with complimentary breakfast and daily maid service is sounding pretty good.

If you have a furnished apartment on the Potomac in the Rosslyn district that includes utilities and maid service so that I can submit a clean per diem invoice and you do not mind me not knowing when I will be arriving or departing – please drop me a line!

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