Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Terror on the Sidebar

Lately, I find myself looking through blogs for interesting sidebar widgets. I feel a great need to break up the monotony going on over there. At one point, I had a Sesame Street Terror Alert Level that I found at Expat Yank. I was SO proud of myself until Papa Bear just had to burst my bubble by insisting that I remove it.

You see, my husband believes that all of my word motives are an attempt to be cutsie and flowery....and that it does not paint me in a very flattering light. "Be more serious and concise", he stresses. It is his opinion that the Sesame Street Terror Alert Widget is not appropriate because it pokes fun at something that should be taken very seriously. He reminds me that as a future DOS employee, I should be more respectful of the terror alert system.

Hmmph...Papa Bear is no fun at all! He is also the reason why I keep changing my sub-header. I have suggested that maybe he should get his own blog. For the record, I write what I want with the first words that enter my head in an attempt to be me. The exception is the word ruminations which I got from a thesaurus in my feverish attempt to define me in a short, concise phrase. It's awkward. I know. I do respect the Homeland Security Advisory System, but I am unable to live my life as a paranoid, suspicious person. IMHO the Sesame Street format softens the stressors created by the Terror Alert Levels, while reminding lurkers of the times we live in and the need to be vigilant.

As you can see it is no longer on my sidebar. Shall I put it back?

UPDATE: Ooooo...I was in the process of putting the Sesame Street Alert System back when I found this one at geek and proud:

I think I'll try this one....that way I can veer away from the cutsie image into a more "is she becoming a geek?" persona.


Mike said...

Yes, put it back.

jaz said...
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Editfish said...

That's awesome. You don't need to be paranoid as long as you are vigilant.

As for the humor in the adaptive HSAS, you've got to be able to keep your sense of humour in a stressful situation (especially one that is long term).

On the upside, it does match nicely with your overall color scheme. :D

fso GT said...

Its YOUR site, do whatever reflects your style and taste! :)

Why doesn't P.B. start his own official, serious, Homeland Security Alert System blog?

Once you are overseas it doesn't seem to matter much anymore, since you're always living in the Elmo zone. :)

(And I hope you get into the FS soon! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I will put it back on the sidebar. I thought this article would appease the hubby, by telling him I wrote a disclaimer. He would die if he read it though :)

I don't think he will be blogging anytime soon. He's not quite comfortable with the idea of talking to anyone who comes along yet.

Vera said...

OMG, I love the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Advisory System bar.

Robert said...

I always want to give credit where it's due. Actually, I believe I "borrowed" the "Terror Alert" after finding it initially at

And Murdoc is definitely a serious guy. So including such "stress relief" isn't necessarily less than serious overall. As Editfish wrote (and I agree), a certain amount of humor is a necessity in what might be very stressful situations.

And thanks for linking to me, too!