Sunday, April 16, 2006

My Grandfather, "Peanut" in WWII

This is my Grandfather, Donald Satterfield. He was nicknamed "Peanut" because when he was a child he saved his pennies for the peanut machines in town. Pappa was drafted into the Army in 1943...double hernia and all. Once in, he was operated on and put to work in a mess hall for light duty while recooperating. The officers liked his cooking so much that they only wanted him to prepare his meals, so he was made Mess Sergeant. I know he did see some combat and drove trucks, too. I realize that it is just vague enough in my mind, that I will now request his service record.

Grandpa's sisters, Bettie and Dorothy, also served in World War II. Here they are in their seersucker uniforms. On the back of the picture it says "Bettie is drinking coke, me beer"

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