Friday, August 15, 2008

First time in Chicago......

.....and, sadly, I was there on business this no city exploration for me. I did have a pretty neat encounter with a cabby. On Tuesday, when I was dropped off at my hotel, Alfred approached me with his business information. He could tell I had just come from the airport. He immediately told me that he knew I had paid too much for the cab ($69 + tip) and that next time I should call him. I liked his demeanor and salesmanship I schedule my return to the airport with him.

When I walked out of the hotel 15 minutes early, he was there waiting on me. It turned out to be a very enjoyable ride. He is from Ghana and has been in America for 36 years. He's very upbeat and positive and interesting. He is making a trip back to Ghana in a couple months to explore a business idea he has of importing his culture to America. When he found I worked for a steamship line....the questions about containers alone just poured out of him. The rate was $42 + fun conversation + tip.

If you are ever in Chicago - give Alfred a call. He is with Citi-Suburban Taxi & Limo. 312-287-6992 (direct) or the company # is 708-343-6666 Cab #2