Thursday, June 14, 2007

Retiring so young??

After 20 years serving in the Army, my brother has retired.

I couldn't find the Army song, so the Air Force song will have to do. After all he was attached to the JSTARS for the past 5 it should be OK.

My sister-in-law owns a dance academy and made arrangement to tie in my brother's retirement with her recitals. The theme was a salute to the she planned the retirement before choreographing the dances....that is why the backdrop so dramatic. Family and friends watched a matinee of the younger performers (ages 3-12) at 3:00 pm. At 5 pm there was a ceremony that listed by brother's biography for the 20 years he served in the army. He was presented awards, plaques & whatnot and then was released back to his wife as a civilian. He then thanked personally everyone attending and gave members of the family attending flowers or military coins. The family then formed a receiving line to greet everyone and we had cake and drinks and talked. I left with Miles at 6:30pm because he would not have lasted for the evening performance of the age 13+ dancers... and attend a late dinner. Here are some photos of the ceremony:

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