Friday, April 20, 2007

Mr. Bell's Magnificent Ringing Machine

Harbor View Elementary presented their annual 5th grade play this week. It was a musical comedy called Mr. Bell's Magnificent Ringing Machine starring the one, the only....our own angelic - MARY!! . The story line takes place in heaven where eight angels guide Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson from the early days of invention through to today's cell phone crazed world.

The play was great, my photos don't do it justice. For some reason Papa Bear only took just a few pictures of our Angel near the end of the play when he realized it was almost over and he was about to go home empty handed.

I tried to take a video from my camera of the finale, but as you can see...I was too far back and found myself playing games with a four year old girl who was trying to get in the picture too.

After the show, Miles got up on the stage for an impromptu dance and comedy show.

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