Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Betty Jean Nottingham Dufford 1925-2006

My Great Aunt BJ recently died at the age of 81. Hospice allowed her to move out of a nursing home and live out the last three months of her life at her home. My father called me today and told me her last wishes. They are:

1. Send no real flowers. Anyone who sends flowers will be haunted. Aunt BJs birthday was October 31st.

2. Celebrate her life. The party is in California this coming Friday afternoon. I'm told that at 5pm EST I must somehow raise a glass of cheer and toast to her.

I'm thinking about getting individual size champagne or sparkling wine and passing them out around the office at 16:55 on Friday for any coworker who would like to join me. Won't you?

A toast then - to Aunt BJ. May we all live to celebrate life, and may we find joy celebrating the lives of our ancesters, of our decendents, and of our extended family of friends.


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Heather said...

She sounds like a wonderful woman. The world needs more like her.