Monday, July 31, 2006

FSS Registers

A year ago I was absolutely thrilled at the prospect of being on the OMS register. The Office Manager position in the Foreign Service seemed to be the shorter and more sure path...the entry door for me into the FS. I was offered a position in the last March and the May classes which I turned down to see how I would fare at the GSO oral assessment. My attitude toward the OMS position changed when I was placed on the GSO register. I know my placement isn't as competitive as it was on the OMS register, but I feel that the General Services Officer is more of a challenge and a closer career fit to my background. It will better allow me to care for my family and it excites me in ways the OMS position never would have. With these thoughts and more in mind, I have removed myself from the OMS register. I do hope I won't wake up kicking myself in the months or years ahead.

What made this decision hard for me is that I had previously thought that I wanted to be in the Foreign Service so bad that the actual position made no difference. Faced with the two registers, I realize that the more difficult route is worth the wait.


Jason said...

I've found this is always the case - anything you yearn for must require some form of a work ethic or patience, otherwise, the yearning ultimately is not worth it. (Probably why I am still a hacker instead of really a web designer, photographer, and graphic artist thus far...) You have looked into yourself and found your path and are sticking to it - not an easy road to travel, and coming from one who has taken an easier road (thus far anyway), your decision is commendable! :)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you. If you really think you'll like GSO work better then it is the right decision. GSO and OMS are pretty different so it's good to go with your gut.

I just stumbled across your blog today and I'll be sure to check it out in the future. Are you taking the generalist oral assessment also?

Best of luck,


Lisa said...


Thanks for stopping by. I did take the generalist assessment September 2005 and really bombed it. The problem for me was:

1. My interview was too myopic,
2. My GE was OK in that my presentation was really good, but my proposal was a STAR that everyone completely rallied behind before I could even argue my case for it. A DOG proposal would have been easier.
3. I ran out of time in the writing exercise...and I'm one who needs to factor in time to edit.

I didn't make the FSOA cut this year as my FSWE essay scored a 5 :(
I am determined to get in one way or another. My interests are more geared to logistics though so I couldn't go down the OMS path without giving up something inside...nothing is worth that.