Sunday, June 18, 2006

Short Jaunts to DC and Charlotte

I promised pictures from my recent trip to Washington DC, but I wasn't to happy with the results and I have worn myself out from travel. I'm feeling quite crotchety today, but surely I'll bounce back after a couple good nights of sleep at home in my own bed. I will give a brief recap. I flew to Washington, DC for two nights for a GSO Assessment with the State Department. As I eluded earlier, I did pass the assessment, but it will be a few weeks before I know my placement on the hiring register. When I got back to Charleston, my family picked me up at the airport and drove me to Charlotte for a family reunion. No rest for the weary.
When I arrived in DC I did take this photo of Ronald Reagan International Airport (DCA) from the Metro Station. At the time I did not fully appreciated the symmetrical lines. It is quite pleasant to view.

After my GSO Assessment, three friends met me in Clarendon for dinner. While I waited for them to get out of class, I stopped in this park to relax and read. The one thing that was nice about this trip was that it was quiet. I didn't turn the TV on once and had lots of me time.

The kids always enjoy going to family reunions and rediscovering all their cousins. One of the cousins decided to try her hand at face painting as you can tell from the fierce blue dragon on Milesaball-Z's face.

No hotel stay with kids can be complete without a trip to the pool. My little cub was pouting because I took him out of the pool because he was feeling ill. I think it was from a cross between too many cannonballs, too many reunion sweets and swallowing chlorine. His tears turned to laughter when daddy suggested that he shed a tear for the camera.

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