Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blogging: It's Not Just for Introverts Anymore

The tag line is brought to you by Heather of Moncks Corner Moments.

(photo by Janet Edens Conover)

The Lowcountry Blogosphere has only been in existence for one month and already it is obvious that we are putting a doin' the Charleston spin on things. In typical southern fashion, we were ready for an excuse to socialize. Hey, I know....let's throw a party!

(photo by posted by Joan and taken by Windviel on THE Mustang Rolling)

Left: Chuck (Chuckography), Harriet (GMLc), Eugene (Imablog), , Kelly (Microfamous)

Back: Janetlee (Kittens on the Keyboard - hiding), Erin (the redhead papers - hiding), Ad (Agricola), Dan (Conover on Media and Xark! ), Peg (bellascribe); Bill (Bill Hawkins),

Right: Heather (Moncks Corner Moments), Jason (Cavaliers and Roundheads), Dottie (Spoletoblog), Mike (Notoriously Nice Mike)

Front: Jason and Lisa (Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness), Janet (Xark! ), Joan (Walk This Way), Vera (Vera's Crafty Blog)

Conspicuously absent from the group photo is Geoff and his beautiful fiancée, Leigh. Weird, weird, weird! And do I here rumors of a harbor cruise next?

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Vera said...

Very nice meeting you. I had a great time.