Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The World War II Memorial

Recently, a friend who has been researching all heavy bombers of the 8th AF told me that he had entered Brice, my father-in-law, in the register of the WWII Memorial. In John's words "I have the intention to honor the whole crew in this way as my contribution to those brave young men who brought freedom again to the Nazi-occupied countries of western Europe."

I need to add that when John was nine years old, he lived in Nazi-occupied Holland. On November 26, 1944 a B-17 crashed behind his house. This was the same day that Brice was shot down in his B-24. The firsthand accounts of WWII that John witnessed at so young an age is horrifying and incredible to me. I can only imagine the things he has seen that are now etched in his memory.

The Memorial Plaza (Photo by Richard Latoff)

Papa Bear and I did visit the WWII Memorial in Washington DC last September when I made it through my first FSOA attempt. My mind was on other things, so I didn't take any pictures. Luckily, you can access photos and enter your own soldiers in the register here. I intend to enter my grandfather and my great aunt Lucille this weekend. I will also add a few photos of my WWII family members over the next few days.

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