Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Who am I?

I have been dabbling on this site for a few weeks now and it has been great fun trying to master template code. I now feel the need to come out and say hello...especially to my fellow lowcountry bloggers. My name is Lisa and I live on James Island. I was born and raised in Charleston (3rd floor Roper as you would expect)...but, alas, my family is from a bit farther north of here. Mom loves it in Charleston all the same and hangs out in the Creek with a bunch of crazy retirees on that side of town.

I work on the waterfront. (Gasp! Not one of those save the ports folks!) Yes, it's true. I work for a liner may have seen a few of our boxes...they're the ones with the alligators on them. Occassionally, you'll even see Pablo back behind the wheel driving them around.

A few years ago I returned to school and just finished my MBA from the Citadel last August. My wonderful professors encouraged me to explore the world with my family in tow and they made me realize that even in my mid-30's with a family of four...I could still explore the world and make a difference. A difference? Like what, you ask? You know, that stuff you dreamed about as a teenager, but never really get around to doing. Well, I am about to do it. On April 8th, I took the FSWE for the 3rd time. (That's the Foreign Service Written Exam for those of you not in the know.) I did pass last year, but then bombed the Oral Assessment. Don't worry though, I have lots of pots on the burner. I did pass the OMS Assessment (Foreign Service Office Management's no wonder those who know prefer acronyms!) and was offered a position in the March and then the May class. I have declined both offers all because I THINK I am pending an interview for the GSO position. (That's a Foreign Service General Services Officer, BTW). Oh, I am also a little active in the FS Yahoo Group community. Maybe a little active is a vague term since most of my spare time is spent hanging out with this community.

I felt the need to clarify who I am for my husband's sake (aka "Papa Bear"). He thought the description at Postscripts sounded like I was a bored housewife. It is HE that is the househusband. He spends his free time at ebay in an attempt to rebuild his old bicycle frame with a bunch of campy parts....and he loves a particular seller called The Sultan of Schwag. I had told him to rebuild the frame or it had to go because I was not going to cart a frame all over the world.....and it has been only a frame for the past 14 years that I have known him. So imagine his surprise when I discovered that Postscripts had discovered me and that Dave Moulton was also in the mix. Hubby immediately turns off the History Channel and made me repeat that Dave Moulton LIVES in Charleston. It blew him away....and he now wants to go out for a few cocktails to discuss writing with him....SHEESH!!!

OK...there ya go. A little more info to flush me out...since I really don't think you had a handle on my name before this....unless you intended to look up "the kid's" race wouldn't do that, would you? ;)


daniel said...

Well, you're right about me not having much of a handle.

Hey, seriously: Rather than living with the placeholder description I wrote on this blog, why not take me up on my offer and write me a description that's more... descriptive. Indicative.

C'mon. Send it to me.

Lisa said...

I will. I just need a few days. I'm still searching for it myself. I was designing this space to flush out my own thoughts while I prepared a way to involve my family and friends in my life while working at an embassy somewhere out there.